Manifestations of "little t" trauma

| 14 Sep 2023 min read

Do you have at least one of these symptoms?

  1. “Chronic Depression”
  2. Impulsivity / lack of unifying direction
  3. Vulnerability to repeated mistakes
  4. Can’t afford to take risks
  5. People pleaser
  6. Paralysis of initiation
  7. Can’t moderate relationships
  8. Somatic problems like IBS, CFS, fibromyalgia, POTS

Domains affected by trauma:

  1. Affect / emotions - especially anger, self-/destructive behaviour
  2. Consciousness and attention
  3. Self-description / identity
  4. Relationships
  5. Somatic

I think I definitely feel I have (6), (3), (4) and (2). Maybe I have a medical student syndrome, but some of the stuff Dr. K explains in this long video about trauma seems to make sense.

He said trauma is your brain learning by fragmenting parts of your brain to enhance survival. Therefore it’s not a pathology; it’s not a dysfunction. It shows that your brain is functional, and it’s still capable of learning more if you want to rewire it. A shorter summary of the same video is also available here.